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We want you to travel the way you want to travel. It’s your vacation and we’re your personal guides, helping you maneuver through all the information and choices that will come your way as you begin researching your vacation destination.

It’s easy for us to relate to your travel needs because we’ve traveled just like you have. We’ve gone solo to new countries, been on romantic get-a-ways with our loved one, dragged our kids through airports, laughed with our friends trying crazy new cuisine, in short, we can help you, because we are YOU.

Twelve years ago, independently, we found ourselves in Costa Rica. We both were seeking new experiences, adventure, and a tranquil lifestyle. By design or fate, our paths crossed and, stories were shared over a bottle or two of Pinot Noir, and an idea was formed; friendly travel planning service, from local experts who live, work and play in the destinations we promote to our customers.

Let’s talk about your vacation!

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